Will Hawkes, reporting for The Washington Post, has just published an article on the most attractive “slow trains” in Europe: ten rail journeys that stop at ever station and allow travelers to enjoy the views and landscapes.

He brings us routes through the Basque Country, Czechia, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Scotland, and Wales, all of them far away from the high-speed lines that connect the great European cities with nary a stop in between.  These slow trains serve every stop in their area, almost like commuter trains, except they can go on for hundreds of miles.

We’d love to ask Mr. Hawkes, on his next trip, to follow that line all the way to its end in Hendaye, on a stretch popularly known as “The Mole”.  It’s a perfect way to start a trip through the rest of the Basque Country north of the Pyrenees.

The Washington Post – 30/1/2020 – USA

The 10 best slow trains through Europe

The day before our vacation in France, I asked my three children what they were most looking forward to. Was it the swimming, the sunshine, the beach or — and I would have put my house on this — eating ice cream every day? “The sleeper train,” said the oldest. His brother quickly concurred. And the 3-year-old? Also the train.

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