The San Nicolás Basque Center has just started a new course to train Basque language teachers for the Basque Centers of South America.  This year, 35 people, including 26 Argentines, 3 Chileans, 3 Uruguayans, and 2 Brazilians, have started the course, which is expected to last four years, and which will enable them to impart Basque language classes at any Basque center.

This Basque Government program, Euskara Munduan, was started thirty years ago, when a group of young Argentines asked the Lehendakari, who was visiting there, to help them learn the language.  This request set this program in motion, and so far more than 100 teachers have been trained in Argentina, and more than forty centers across that country are giving Basque classes.

This is just one more example of the commitment of the Diaspora Basques to their homeland, and one more clear sign that the policies of the Basque institutions to working with the Diaspora are bearing fruit, and lots of it.

The references to this course that we’ve found were in an article in the newspaper El Norte, in an article penned by Manuela Fernández Nessi in which she interviews Kinku Zinkunegi, the person at the in charge of this program at the Etxepare Institute, run by the Argentine Federation of Basque Entities (FEVA).

We’ll also leave you with the Basque Center’s Facebook post announcing the starting of the course.

El Norte – 24/1/2020 – Argentina


la actualidad, el programa Euskara Munduan ha formado más de 100 profesores en Argentina. El pasado lunes, arrancó un nuevo grupo de 35 personas en San Nicolás, que en unos cuatro años estarán capacitados para ser profesores. En el mundo existen más de 200 centros vascos, la mitad de ese número están en nuestro país, esto indica que migración vasca en nuestro territorio ha sido ubérrima.

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