In the last few years, Forbes has been paying a great deal of special attention to topics related to Basque tourism in its widest definition.  Just a month ago, they published an article in which a Basque town was named, and recommended.

On this occasion, the article is penned by Geoff Whitmore, and it includes Bilbao among the “seven most promising tourist destinations in 2020”.  Also on the list are Croatia, Antarctica, the Vanuatu atoll, Quadra Island in Canada, Benin, and the Argentine city of Salta.

Moreover, in the brief summary on Bilbao, the author makes a recommendation to potential visitors that we also never tire of repeating: Bilbao is a lot more than the Guggenheim.  As important as the museum is, he tells visitors that they must also not miss the Fine Arts Museum.  We’d also include the Basque Museum on the Can’t-Miss List: making a tour of its rooms will help everyone understand our nation’s history better.

In the last few years, we’ve found so many references to matters related to Basque tourism and cuisine.  We’re sure that a significant part of these appearances are due to the hard work on advertising and promotion that the Asier Alea, the former Director of Foreign Advertising and Tourism, and his team have done in positioning the city of Bilbao, the province of Biscay, and the Basque Country as a whole in the world.  This reference to Bilbao will be probably be the last mark of that work.

This work ought to be shared by all Basque institutions, overlooking internal barriers that are not our own.  We love reminding all of the agreement reached by Basque Country Tourism and Tourisme 64 in 2015, the first collaborative agreement for joint tourism advertising in target markets of interest to both.  The change in government, and the rise of other officials into the management of that area, seems to have meant that goals have changed.

We hope that this global Basque view and desire to promote the country jointly will continue in this new stage.

Forbes – 17/12/2019 – USA

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Fotografía: Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao (fotografía: MuseoBBAABilbao)


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