It’s been over two years since we’ve brought up this type of stitch named after our country.  And it’s not the only thing called “Basque”: we’ve also had the opportunity to blog about “Basque red” or the “Basque steps” in classical ballet.

Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials – 7/11/2019 – USA

Stitch Flowers: Basque Stitch

The bright and wild Zinnia flowers around my house have inspired me to do this project. The rain drenched flowers droop their bright petals down, opening the yellow center to the cloudy skies. The Basque Stitch was a perfect fit to create the bright flaming orange petals. I have used 6 strands of embroidery floss for a thicker look. If you want to do a full flower, just go ahead. They will look just as beautiful!

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