Ksenia Kuzmiza has just penned an article for Macau Lifestyle telling her readers her top ten ideas for visiting Bilbao and its environs.

The Guggenheim, pintxos, the Old Town, excursions to the coast, surfing…a wide range of activities that can be seen and done around the largest Basque city.

As she explains in the intro to the article, Bilbao was not on most tourists’ radar twenty years ago.  Today, however, it is.  The warm welcome visitors receive, the renowned cuisine, and the unique culture make Bilbao a dream destination.

As we say whenever we can, the lovers of art and culture who visit Bilbao have to visit the Guggenheim, of course, but they must also visit the Fine Arts Museum and the Basque Museum; all three are not to be missed.

We’d love to invite the author and the publication to come and discover more about the Land of the Basques.  After all, one of the most profound legacies Europe left in that part of the world was the doing of the Jesuits, an order founded by Basque St. Ignatius of Loyola, who also sent another Basque, St. Francis Xavier, to Asia.

Macau Lifestyle – 10/2/2019 – Macau

Top 10 Things to Do in Bilbao

A rare destination 20 years ago, today, Bilbao is on many travelers’ bucket lists. While it is not a short trip from Macau, this city in the North of Spain deserves a visit. Welcoming people, celebrated gastronomy and unique culture makes Bilbao a dream vacation spot. Packing your bags already? Check our list of the top 10 things to do in Bilbao before planning your trip!

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