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We spoke about the Basque company Sherpa a few years ago in an article in which we commented on how the Basque Country was beginning to “face off” against global corporations like Apple or Google in the field of virtual assistants.

Back then, in 2012, that news might have sounded like a typical Bilbao boast.  But, with the passage of time, we’ve seen something else entirely: that the company that got started back then has been quite successful

This success is evident enough for Tom Gruber to join the Sherpa team.  His name may not ring a bell to most, but the name of Siri surely will: he created it.  He’s also a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence aimed at semantic websites.

Just another case of home-grown success!

IProfesional – 22/7/2019 – Argentina

El creador de Siri se une al equipo de

La compañía de desarrollo de asistentes digitales predictivos e inteligencia artificial (IA),, anunció la incorporación de Tom Gruber, cofundador y ex Chief Technology Officer de Siri, como asesor estratégico.

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