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We’ve mentioned before how important Basque pelota, in general, and jai-alai in particular, were (and are) in Mexico.  Specifically, we’ve brought up articles about the re-inauguration of the Frontón México (the largest in the world) or how Pancho Villa enjoyed the sport.  Right now, efforts are underway to keep it going and make it even more popular.

Today, El Universal has made our day, with this magnificent article by Carlos Villasana and Ruth Gómez, going over the biggest frontón courts in the Old Town of Mexico City.  Some, like Frontón México, are still standing (and being given new life), while others succumbed to the explosive growth the city has undergone in the 20th century.

It’s a great article that helps us understand the importance of this sport throughout the New World.

El Universal – 12/5/2019 – Mexico

Los frontones del Centro Histórico

El juego de la pelota vasca vivió su auge en la capital a finales del siglo XIX, cuando abrieron sus puertas imponentes inmuebles dedicados al disfrute de este deporte. Hoy recordamos 5 de los más grandes y famosos del Centro Histórico

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