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Toponímia de Lisboa, a Portuguese blog, has published an entry on a street named for a Basque: Shegundo Galarza, located near the airport.

Born in Segura, in the heart of the Gipuzkoan Gohierri, was an early musical progidy.  After finishing his studies at the Conservatory of Bilbao, he began a musical career that would take him to Lisbon, where he settled down and became a notable figure in the “light music” world.

His reach and recognition as a musician and composer in Portugal got a street named after him in 2003, in one of the city’s newer neighborhoods.  It’s an area where he won’t be lonely, as his street is in an area of many famous composers, mostly Portuguese.

This is one of those times when we have to be grateful that this Basque, who left such a positive and highly-valued mark on another place in the world, is recognized as a Basque, and not as a Spaniard or a Frenchman.

We’ll leave you with this beautiful story, along with two biographical references, and a recording of one of his songs with his group.

Toponímia de Lisboa -8/10/2018 – Portugal

A Rua do compositor basco Shegundo Galarza

Shegundo Galarza, compositor basco que com a sua orquestra de violinos esteve presente na televisão portuguesa desde o seu começo e celebrizou o restaurante Mónaco, está desde o ano do seu falecimento perpetuado numa artéria da Freguesia do Lumiar, no núcleo dedicado à toponímia musical.

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Enciclopedia Auñamendi –  -Euskadi

Segundo Galarza


Wikipedia –  -Portugal

Shegundo Galarza

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