This article was translated by John R. Bopp

We found this on NewsVideo, a Russian website which collects current events videos.  It’s an amazing report by France24 about the passion the Basques north of the Pyrenees have for rugby, and we love it.

None of our regular readers will be surprised if we confess our weakness for this part of our country.  That’s why, on seeing it, despite our avoidance of referencing Basque, French, or Spanish media, we decided to start off 2019 with an exception.

Reviewing the videos the French network has done on Iparralde, we found one which had been done not long before the rugby video dedicated to the well-rooted tradition among the Basques of singing.  So, we decided to make a double entry about these reports on these two Basque traditions.

We’re also lucky enough that these reports are available in several languages (French, English, and Spanish)

Let’s start the year off with a look at the Northern Basque Country!

Urte Berri On!!!!




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