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Back in October 2011, we spoke of how Amaya Oxarango-Ingram and Brent Barras were preparing a documentary telling the stories of the Basque immigrants to the American West.

At the time, we explained how a 30-minute summary of that work thus far could be seen in the Basque Country, and also that it was going to be presented by co-director Amaya Oxarango-Ingram.  That début happened at the 5th Basque Community World Congress, which was held in San Sebastian November 2-5 of that year.

Now, seven years later, we’re talking about it again, to let you know that it’s now freely available online, meaning we can watch the whole thing, no charge!  It’s a one-hour documentary which gives us some insight into the lives of the Basques in the US.

We must thank Canyons.Com for this marvelous decision, as well as for their words in the announcement on Facebook:

There are many people to be thanked for this documentary, so please pay attention during the end credits.  We’d especially like to point out how fundamentally important the Basque Museum & Cultural Center was in finishing this film.  They’re incredibly useful and full of information about the history of Basque culture.  If you’re in Boise, don’t miss the chance to go there.

It’s a shame there’s no option to enjoy it with subtitles in Basque, Spanish, or French.  We’re sure many Basques around the world would enjoy this story.  We don’t want this to be taken as a criticism of; totally the opposite: it’s our hope that this someone might help out with the dubs so that this work can be shared.

In the meantime, the English is easy enough to understand, if you speak it.  This documentary deserves to be watched.  There are so many things that can be understood even if you’re English isn’t that great, and the images say so much in and of themselves.

Eskerrik asko!!!

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