This article was translated by John R. Bopp

On Monday, November 26, we had our third episode of Atsalde Pasa on Onda Vasca Radio.

We dedicated our time this week to reviewing the new articles published this week, and going over some of our most successful entries in the past.

Below, you’ll find a recording of the show and some blog entries we made references to on the subjects we talked about

If you’d like to listen to the program live, the frequencies are below:

Frecuencias de Onda Vasca
Frecuencias de Onda Vasca

If you’re not near a radio, or live outside the coverage area, you can also listen to it on their website.

Program 26 November

#1—Over 118,000 hits

“A Basque woman is a very particular type of woman”

#2—Over 104,000 hits

The Basques, a people with more than 15,000 years of history, colonized Europe

#3—Over 92,000 hits

A Canadian linguist, who lives in Japan, explains to us, in English, what Basque is–and he’s a hit (video)

#4—Over 58,000 hits

Lies and falsehoods about the Basque Economic Agreement, and two places to learn more

#5—Over 54,000 hits

On when Bruce Springsteen fell in love with “Agur Jaunak” in front of Notre Dame

#6—Over 54,000 hits

Grissom, the CSI star, talks and sings in Basque

#7—Over 46,000 hits

A list of the “Ten Oldest Languages in the World” includes Basque

#8—Over 42,000 hits

A excellent collection of “Basque fonts” and more information on Basque typography (III)

#9—Over 41,000 hits

Three popular Basque songs are a hit on YouTube with The Kelly Family

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