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Guiding Architects is an “international network” in which many companies participate, all from different countries, which, as their own site states, “offers a large variety of architecture tours, from short walks to multiday travel packages and from ready-to-book tours to fully customizable programmes.  Our clients range from professional groups, such as architecture firms or project developers, to travel agents, art associations, cultural travelers and students.”

They offer a long list of great places to visit, mostly in Europe, but with some interesting offers elsewhere.  Honestly, we’d love to try out all their tours.

One of the options on that list is, of course, Bilbao.  But that’s not why we’re blogging about them today.  That reason has to do with their amazing article about Biscay Bridge, more popularly known as the “Hanging Bridge”, the nickname for this transporter-type bridge.  In 2018, the bridge turned 125, and it still allows people and cars to cross the Bilbao Estuary without interrupting shipping traffic.

It was the first transporter bridge made of metal in the world, designed by a Basque engineer, Alberto Palacio.  This Basque, with roots at both edges of our country (the Biscay Encartaciones and the Lapurdian town of Sare), designed this engineering jewel that has connected both sides of the Estuary since July 28, 1893.

Guiding Architects – 24/5/2018 – 

The “iron dinosaur” of the transporter bridge of Bilbao proves to be a timeless concept

This summer – on the 28th of July, 2018 – the transporter bridge in the harbor os Bilbao will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its inauguration in 1893. The concept of this special bridge has shown to be so valid that other cities are even thinking of rebuilding the transporter bridges that they once had.

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