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We discovered this thanks to the great article in the Scottish daily The National thanks to Greg Russell.  The Cinemaattic group has put together a festival that’s going to show a selection of the most successful Basque short films as an homage to the 20th anniversary of the Kimuak agency, which was created to help promote the creation of Basque short films at an international level.

It’s quite interesting to read the opinions the members of the Cinemaattic group have about this organization.  This is in part because when they talk about Kimuak, they also discuss the “Basque case“, which we’ve mentioned on many occasions, and which could serve as a role model for other places, like Scotland itself.

Along with the info from The National, we’d also like to mention the presentation the Cinemaattic group created about this festival for their website, where they explain their perspective on this facet of the “Basque case”.

We’re looking forward to the moment when the agreements between the Basque Autonomous Community, the Community of Navarre, and the Northern Basque Country allow these policies to reach the whole of the Basque Country and Basque productions to collaborate.

The National – 23/5/2018 – Escocia

Scottish film buffs can watch Basque Country’s finest offerings

SOME of the Basque Country’s most enduring films are coming to  Edinburgh and Glasgow from tomorrow for a five-day festival. Kimuak: Films from Basque Country is being organised by Edinburgh-based collective Cinemaattic, and will run from May 24-26 in Edinburgh and May 30-31 in Glasgow.

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 Cinemaattic – /5/2018 – Gran Bretaña


Festival sobre el cine vasco y Kimuak en Escocia

Cinemaattic’s back! And this is a special one folks. Two days of Cult Classics and Modern films from Basque Country in Edinburgh and Glasgow. This year Kimuak celebrates its 20th Anniversary and Scotland joins the celebrations. Here it is, Cinemaattic’s homage to Kimuak: 24-26 May in Edinburgh // 30-31 May in Glasgow.

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