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Today we got a wonderful surprise: a “sister” website in the US.  We’ve been collecting information about the Basques reported in world media, and they do the same with news about the US.  It’s called Watching America.

It’s curious that its founder in Robin Koerner, a Brit living in the US who has the support of a large team of translators who cover a significant number of languages.

Unlike us, who include opinions and personal comments alongside the articles we compile, they translate the news they find and make it accessible to their readers.

We didn’t know about them, and we found out about them thanks to a report in El País about how it’s getting harder to find Basque jai alai players to go play in the States.

Watching America – 14/5/2018 – USA

The US Closes the Door to Basque ‘Pelotaris’

U.S. immigration restrictions, which have become increasingly strict during recent years — especially since Trump became president — have affected countless people across the world, among them the peculiar group of pelota aces from the Basque Country in Spain.

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