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Graphic artist and humorist Asier Sanz has made a splash at the 29th Biennale Internazionale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte, in Tolentino, Italy.

Collage de Kim Jong Un, de Asier Sanz, premiado en Italia
Collage de Kim Jong Un, de Asier Sanz, premiado en Italia

This event was held at the end of 2017, and Mr. Sanz received the “Luigi Mari Award” in the caricature section.  The work he was awarded for is a collage of Kim Jong-un, the president of North Korea.  The jury, made up of twelve prestigious and renowned professionals in the world of art and culture analyzed over 608 artists from forty different nationalities.

The works were presented in an exhibition at the International Museum of Humor in Art, in the same Italian city, and at the end of it, the “people’s prize” was given out, and again, the Basque author won.  This time, it was for a caricature of the other protagonist in the transpacific cockfight we inhabitants of earth have had to watch for the past few months: the current US president, Donald John Trump, represented in a very original way in the collage “Fast Food Trump”.


Asier Sanz, zorionak!

Bihumor – 19/3/2018 – Italia

Aperta da Kim Jong-Un e chiusa da Donald Trump – Si è conclusa la 29° edizione della Biennale dell’Umorismo nell’Arte

Donald Trump chiude la fortunata edizione di Biumor 2017.  Asier Sanz, dopo aver vinto il  “Premio Luigi Mari”, con l’originalissima caricatura di “Kim Jong-Un”, fa di nuovo centro con la sua “Fast Food Trump”. “Un vero capolavoro dell’arte caricaturale – secondo il direttore Evio Hermas Ercoli – con la sua grottesca e affascinante interpretazione del Presidente degli Stati Uniti”.

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“Fast food Trump”. Trump visto por Asier Sanz gana un premio Italia
“Fast food Trump”. The US president as seen by Asier Sanz; the work received a prize in Italy

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