This article was translated by John R. Bopp

TripExpert offers travel lovers information and ratings about places, restaurants, hotels, etc. from around the world.  Unlike other platforms, where the rating is based on users’ opinions, this platform takes the opinion of experts in more than 85 different travel media into consideration.  As they explain on their website, basing a rating on users has serious problems, such as the existence of fake profiles dedicating to improving, or lowering, ratings.

TripExpert explains it this way on their site:

The TripExpert Score is calculated using expert reviews from 85+ publications including travel guides, magazines and newspapers. We take into account the number of publications that have reviewed a specific venue, as well as any score or rating that has been awarded. The TripExpert Score is the authoritative statement of overall quality.

Recently, this platform has been publishing their Experts’ Choice Awards for 2018, and San Sebastian has been designated, according to the experts whose opinions were analyzed, as the Best European Destination.

It’s an award they deserve, which reflects the extremely high quality this Basque city offers its visitors in every way, a level of quality that is nothing more than a reflection of the level of quality that its inhabitants enjoy.


Trip Expert – 23/3/2018 – USA

Experts’ Choice 2018: San Sebastián wins Best European Destination

Critics and writers from leading travel media power the Experts’ Choice awards. We draw on “best-of 2018” lists and our proprietary scoring algorithm that aggregate and weight experts reviews for hotels, restaurants and attractions. Based on these criteria, San Sebastian (Donostia) has won this year’s award for Best European Destination.