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Kilimangiaro, a program on the Italian public broadcaster RAI 3, has just shown a video report bringing their viewers on a combined trip to Bilbao and the Rioja Alavesa.  It’s a video with a unique style and rhythm that we found sharp and enjoyable to watch.

We have to admit that what we most liked about this video is that it didn’t just focus on Bilbao and its surroundings, but also on an area that’s of real interest to tourists: the Rioja Alavesa.

Our regular readers will know that we’ve always promoted the idea that our country be presented as one whole, as a coordinated tourist destination.  If we want our visitors to spend more than two nights here, this is the only way.  San Sebastián, Bilbao, Biarritz, or Pamplona, for example, are weekend getaway destinations, but we have so much more to offer.  Plus, we’re real fans of the Rioja Alavesa; in fact, we’re big fans of the whole inland part of our country.  We think it’s full of treasures that would fascinante visitors, and we just need to make sure they know it’s there so they can discover it for themselves!

The video can be seen on the RAI’s website (you’d need to subscribe) or on MSN Italia, which is where we found it.

RAI – 2/2018 – Italia

Bilbao: la città visionaria

Lettore video di: RAI (Informativa sulla privacy)

Nel paesaggio basco tutto sembra essere a portata di mano e fatto su misura per l’uomo che vi abita e lo anima



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