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On Thursday, January 25, a celebration was held at the Paraninfo at the Caracas Palace of the Academies for the nomination of Father Luis Ugalde as  a “Numbered Individual at the National Academy of History” in Venezuela.  Father Ugalde was already a Numbered Individual at the Venezuelan Academy of Political and Social Sciences, since 2008.

The hall was full on Thursday, and the event had all the solemnity typical of these academic events.  In it, the new member, who shall be filling Seat Z, offered a conference titled “The Myths, Illusions, and Misery of El Dorado”, the transcript of which we have at the end of the entry.

He spoke about man’s obsession with discovered, unearned wealth, an idea best represented by El Dorado, and the untold efforts made by so many, risking (and many times losing) their lives, to discover it.  He then contrasted that with the achievements made in that country, where hard work, productive creativity, and sensibility moved it forward.

And interestingly for us, in Father Ugalde’s talk, he referenced Basque iron, which we’ll be blogging about shortly.

In addition to congratulating Father Ugalde and the whole Basque community in Venezuela, we would like to once again thank the Caracas Basque Center for its hard work which, alongside their blog “Jazoera” and their news section, keeps us up to date about the Venezuelan Basque Community and also the complicated issues the country is going through.

We’ll leave you with the article we’ve dedicated to the event, and the link that will allow you to read Father Ugalde’s interesting talk.

Jazoera – 27/1/2017 – Venezuela

Incorporación de Aita Luis Ugalde, s.j. como Individuo de Numero de la Academia Nacional de la Historia.

El día 23 de enero recibimos de parte de Aita Luis Ugalde, s.j. una invitación a la sesión solemne que se celebrará con motivo de su incorporación como Individuo de Número de la Academia Nacional de la Historia. La celebración del acto solemne se realizo en el Paraninfo del Palacio de las Academias el día jueves 25 de enero de 2018 a partir de las 11:30am.

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Myth, Illusions, and Misery of El Dorado

Talk by Father Luís Ugalde at the event to celebrate his being named a “Numbered Individual of the Venezuelan National History Academy”



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