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The app WeekenGo has just published a list of the best cities to spend a weekend in, based on the ratings visitors to those cities have given them on the app.

No Basque city is among the top ten, which makes sense: none of our cities can compete with the top tourist destinations of the world.  But, one Basque city did make the cut: Bilbao, representing the whole of the Basque Country, as we see it.  See, for most visitors, Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Vitoria, Bayonne (to list a few large Basque towns) are all in the same area of influence.

True.  For us, traveling from one city to another is a real “excursion”, but that’s because we live in a rather small country.  For someone from London, New York, Sao Paulo, or Tokyo (for example), living an hour from work is totally normal.  That’s why, for them, the distances between cities in our country makes them see them all as one reality.  In terms of size, they see us more as “the Basque City” than “the Basque Country”.

We also have to bear in mind that in France, there are only four cities included in that group of 100, and in Spain, three.

Bilbao’s overall position is at 77, with some data and valuations that could be called “curious” and which should be cause for reflection.

Among the curious data is the mark given for cuisine and recreation, which really brings down the city’s average.  Among the “worrying”, our middling position among the 100 cities was brought down by the perception of safety in the city, and the poor rating for the lodging on offer.  Although it’s true that the supply of individual lodging (like Airbnb) is a key element to set the mark in this area, it’s really better not to be at the head of that list.

Among the positive elements were how walkable the city: there, we rank 4th, and 5th in museums on offer.  The city was also ranked 8th for its being welcoming to the LGBT community.

This all leaves Bilbao, as a reflection of the whole country, ranked 77th among the 100 highest rated cities.

We know that this type of list is highly subjective, based on opinions that can be up for debate.  But it’s also true that it helps gives us an idea of our relative position, and, especially, the image we transmit.

We got this information from CNN and the study’s website.

CNN – 10/10/2017 – USA

The 10 best cities for a weekend break

A weekend city break is the perfect opportunity to recharge — a chance to escape the everyday for 48 hours of exploring. But where should you go to get the most out of your whirlwind adventure? A new study by online weekend getaway app weekenGO rounds up the 100 best cities for vacationers of all ages and sensibilities.


weekenGO – 10/2017 – Alemania

Best Cities to Spend a Weekend

At weekenGO, we live and breathe weekend getaways, so the topic of which destination is best to visit is debated in our office on a daily basis. To settle the question, we decided to commission a study into the best cities to spend 48 hours. The goal of the study was not only to define which factors make a city great for short visits, but also which trips are best suited to different age groups and dynamics.



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