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A few days ago, we blogged about an article this prestigious American magazine dedicated to entertainment published about the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Today, we were surprised to see two articles on their websites explaining to their readers, many of whom are professionals in the TV and film industry, the advantages of filming and producing the Basque Autonomous Community (CAPV).

These two articles, from different perspectives, explain the effort being made by Basque institutions to promote a business framework around the production of movies, TV shows, and, as the market evolves, internet broadcasting.

John Hopewell, who we’ve spoken about before, penned an article introducing the local industry in the sector and its openness to international markets.

By the way, in this article, he speaks about the film “Handia”, which tells the story of the Giant of Alzo, which we recently blogged about.

Emiliano de Pablos, on the other hand, writes about the advantages to be found in the CAPV for producing movies and series.  In addition to talking about the film commissions in the three territories that make up the CAPV (which are “three Basque provinces,” not “the three Basque provinces”), he also talks about how they’re joining forces, which was hinted at in 2014 by John Hopewell.

Understanding the complexities derived from the fact that the Basque Country is under three different administrations, we still can’t help but dream that at some point the entirety of our country can offer itself as a great place for filming.

Variety – 24/9/2017 – USA

Location Basque Country: Local Industry Sets International Agenda

Handía” (Giant), San Sebastián’s 2017 flagship Basque movie, a tale of two brothers’ deep affective bonds, says much about the film ambitions of the Basque Country – and why the Basque Country should grow as a shoot locale for films or TV from Europe and beyond.

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Variety – 24/9/2017 – USA

Location Basque Country: A Tale of Three Provinces

The three Basque provinces, Alava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, share green and mountainous landscapes and one of the more attractive tax credits in Spain: a 30% tax shelter for local film, TV and animated productions. Their respective film commissions are teaming to co-ordinate in joint actions for international promotion under the Film Basque Country umbrella. “We are not competitors but strategic allies,” says Bizkaia’s Bilbao city councilor Xabier Ochandiano. But there are some nuances in each territory’s film offer.

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