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We just came across an article published in The Lumberjack, California’s Humboldt State University’s newspaper since 1929.

This article, which talks about a workshop in Arcata that recycles glass to create beautiful objets d’art, mentions a young woman who has a most surprising, at least to us, surname; her name is Lorea Euskadi.

So Lorea Euskadi thus becomes the accidental protagonist in our story.  This is because, we think, the protagonist is the story of that person who chose that surname in the United States.  We can’t help but wonder, When did they arrive?  Why did they go?  Why did they choose such a symbolic and meaningful surname?  Was it Lorea, her parents, her grandparents?

Yes, finding this surname in the US has definitely set our imagination afire, because while the story behind the name may be nothing more than the culmination of a series of coincidences, it may also be a history and adventure novel.  All we do know is that Lorea is descendent from the Northern Basque Country, and that she feels closely linked to the Land of the Basques.

As an addendum, she’s studying at a university with an equally interesting name. Humboldt is the surname of two Prussian scientists who were brothers who rode on horseback in the 18th and 19th centuries.  One of them, Alexander, the “father of modern universal geography”, was an explorer of the western US, mainly in California.  The other, Wilhelm, studied languages, including Basque, and it owes him a lot for that.

A while back, we wrote about a can’t-miss article by Iker Saitua, talking about another connection between the Basques and the Far West.

If we manage to find out more about this surname and its history, we promise we’ll let you know.

The Lumberjack – 2/9/2017 – USA

Making recycling an art

2500 degrees fahrenheit. That’s the heat it takes to perfectly mold glass into the shape your heart desires. Fire and Light is a local company in Arcata that hand crafts an array of colored glass tableware. This local company puts on Hot Glass Tours that allows you to be up close to watch the process it takes to make these fascinating pieces.

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