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The Basque Government, in the Council held yesterday, June 13, has officially recognized the Basque Center in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

These islands are French territory just off the coast of Newfoundland, and are part of the Overseas Collectivity of France with their own statutes.  And Basques have been on the island since the mid-16th century.

We’ve talked about these islands before, thanks to the important influence the Basque heritage has had, and continues to have, there.  Take this Basque Center, for example.

In 1902, the Cercle des Zazpiak-Bat was founded as the oldest sporting club on the islands.  The club’s name, which is maintained by the Zazpiak Bat Association founded in 1952, clearly indicates the spirit that these islands have with the Basques in our homeland.

This recognition goes far beyond the symbolic, as is the case with the Basque Center, which can now participate in the Basque government grants program to help it run activities at the center.

It just so happens that the same Government Council, which officially included this Basque Center on the official registry of Euskal Etxeak, just approved the budget for the 190 organization found on this, including the one in Saint-Pierre and Miquelon.

Also, we’re sure that this is going to allow them to improve their communication with other Basque Centers.  From our point of view, strengthening this network and encouraging the exchange of experiences and knowledge is fundamental for success.

Irekia – 13/6/2017 – Euskadi 

Saint Pierre et Miquelón, nueva Euskal Etxea

El Gobierno Vasco ha dado hoy luz verde a la convocatoria de las subvenciones que va a conceder este año, a través de la Secretaría General de Acción Exterior, a los Centros Vascos, Federaciones y Confederaciones de Centros Vascos -Euskal Etxeak de fuera de la Comunidad Autónoma Vasca. Las ayudas previstas suman un total de 902.307 euros,  lo que supone  un incremento de 40.000 euros con respecto al ejercicio anterior,

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