This article was translated by John R. Bopp

We find the website Culinary Backstreets to be especially interesting: it’s dedicated to talking about cuisine on a very local level, looking at cities and even neighborhoods from a gastronomic perspective, all while focusing on the people, on the anonymous protagonists of that gastronomic wealth that we can find on corners in cities around the world.

We only discovered this website thanks to its first article on Basque cuisine, by Theodore Charles.  It’s an article that focuses, quite naturally, on showing some of the must-see corners of that culinary paradise that is San Sebastian.

Not that the article limits itself to San Sebastian: it also takes us to the surrounding area to show us some nearby gems.  One is Pasaia (which is a whole gastronomic world on its own).  The other is a trip to Astigarraga to discover the world of the ciderhouses, specifically the Bereziartua Ciderhouse.

Culinary Backstreets – 15/6/2017 – USA

CB on the Road: Basque Country, Bite by Bite

The streets are nearly empty. As light cascades down cobbled thoroughfares, dog walkers shield their eyes and market-goers tow their rickety carts toward Mercado de la Bretxa.

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