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We’re going to make another exception to our rule of only looking at non-local media at our blog and discuss an article from a Basque newspaper.  We’re doing so because of the interest this article has, and the fact that its content aligns perfectly with our general goal.

Today, in Deia, in the “History of the Basques” section, promoted by the Sabino Arana Foundation, Marian Álvarez has published an overview of the opinions about the Basques that different travelers wrote as they went through our land, from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

It’s interesting to see how certain elements are repeated over and over in these tales.  The way the women dress and, especially, their hard-working nature, are one of them.

Ms. Álvarez’s text allows us to get to know a wide range of opinions and perceptions that many travelers to our land wrote down in their diaries.

We’d also like to add one more, since because of the author’s profile, we believe it’s also worth mentioning.  We’re referring to the references John Adams, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and its second president, wrote about the Basques and their country.

DEIA – 3/6/2017 – Euskadi

De tipos y estereotipos La mirada de los otros

Los libros de viajes constituyen, según expresión de Ana Mª Freire, la forma literaria de la materia histórica. En sus distintas expresiones (diarios, apuntes, crónicas, memorias…) proporcionan numerosas noticias sobre las tierras visitadas y, convenientemente sometidas a un análisis crítico que elimine la subjetividad que las impregna, se convierten en una fuente de valor incalculable para el conocimiento del pasado.

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About Basque Country – 10/2/2016 – Euskadi

John Adams and the eventful journeys of two US presidents through the Land of the Basques

A few days ago, we discussed an article Vince J. Jauristi, a Basque descendent born in Elko, Nevada, published in the Elko Daily about the meaning of the presence of Basque culture at the 2016 Smithsonian Folklife Festival.

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