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KBAK-TV and KBFX-TV, both out of Bakersfield, CA, have just broadcast an extensive report on the 45th Basque Festival organized by the Kern County Basque Club.

Honestly: they dedicated two and a half minutes of their news report to it!  That’s one big Basque festival in the Central Valley.

One thing we can’t help pointing out: if these TV stations on the opposite side of the North American continent know that the Basques live on both sides of the Pyrenees, why is it that so many media (and Spanish politicians) don’t?

Kern County Basque Club, zorionak!!!

WIthout further ado, check out the videos:

Baskerfield  Now – 29/5/2017 -USA

Kern County Basque Club celebrates 45th memorial day celebration

Thousands of people in Kern County celebrated the 45th annual Basque festival over the Memorial Day weekend. The day started with Catholic mass at the Kern County Basque Club followed by lunch and music. The Basque culture comes from the northern region of Spain and the southern region of France.

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