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Jorge Fernández Díaz is a prestigious Argentine author and journalist.  Among his many famous books is his 2010 “La Hermandad del Honor”, a chronicle about unknown heroes, written with a unique cinematographic style.

On April 20, he started his radio show “Pensándolo Bien” (Thinking it Over), on Radio Mitre, reading one of that book’s chapters, dedicated to Dolores “Lolis” Barquín, a Basque woman who lived out her childhood the disasters of the Spanish Civil War in Las Arenas, including those of exile.  In a series of unfortunate events, her family ended up in the Argentine capital, which in part helped the dictator Franco, while on the other it was a safe refuge for those Basques who had fought against totalitarianism.

The experiences lived by Lolis Barquín; by her father Pepe, who was guilty of being a Basque nationalist and defending his country from totalitarianism; and by the whole family.  These are stories masterfully told in this chronicle.

We were lucky enough to read this story published by Argentine daily La Nación in 2009; it’s still available, which means we can share the written version, and show a photo of the protagonist.

Stories like this should not be forgotten, because they’re a fundamental part of the story of our nation, because they’re a fundamental part of the cause of the Basque People, and because they remind us that our Basque homeland is made up of compatriots who live throughout the world.

Radio Mitre – 20/4/2017 – Argentina

La emocionante peripecia de una mujer

Jorge Fernández Díaz comenzó Pensándolo Bien leyendo un relato de su libro “La hermandad del honor”


La Nación -2/8/2009 – Argentina

La niña de la guerra que sobrevivió para contarlo

A los niños les encantaba escaparse de la casa, bajar a la playa y ver cómo los aviones bombardeaban la ciudad. Era un espectáculo emocionante, con explosiones, humaredas y rugido de motores, y ellos eran demasiado pequeños como para entender cabalmente el drama que implicaban aquellas piruetas nazis, aquellos fuegos fatuos.

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Dolores Barquín, the protagonist of this story in the Laurak-bat Center in Buenos Aires (photo from La Nación)
Dolores Barquín, the protagonist of this story in the Laurak-bat Center in Buenos Aires (photo from La Nación)




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