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Crystal Fighters is a musical group that’s had a presence on our blog since October 2010, right when we got started, and blogged about them for the first time.  

This British group is so intense and energetic about bringing up their Basque influences that at first we thought they were Basques (or at least had Basque ancestry) living in London.  But then we began discovering the connections that tie this group to our land so tightly.

If we bring up all the times we’ve blogged about them over the years, we’ll see how constant that Basque connection has been.  Their idea to have a concert in Zugarramurdi cave seemed absolutely marvelous to us.

What’s also marvelous is how they love talking about their Basque influences, which is why they’re in our blog so often.  It’s an attitude that definitely makes us consider them a “friend of the Basques”.

Baeble Music is preparing a “magical session with Crystal Fighters”, and to spread the word, they’ve shared an interview with the group’s leaders on their website, along with some songs recorded in the studios this music platform has in Brooklyn.  This all happened three years ago.  As we said, once more, their Basque influences were the stars of the interview.

Baeble Music – 19/4/2017 – USA

COMING SOON: A Magical Session With Crystal Fighters

There isn’t a band you can compare to Crystal Fighters. They have a sound that is as magical and unique as the story of how the band formed. Crystal Fighters owe the band’s name and early inspirations to the discovery of an unfinished opera penned by vocalist Laure Stockley’s deceased grandfather. The opera – written in a diary that Stockley found in her grandfather’s Basque countryside – was taken back to the other members of the band and their fascination with his work led to Crystal Fighters’ first album, Star Of Love.

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British group Crystal Fighters again brings up their Basque influences, with strength and vigor, this time on New York music platform Baeble Music.

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