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The Guardian just published a magnificent report in its Travel section by Sorrel Downer (who published an article about the ten best bars and restaurants in San Sebastian) about the ten best pintxo bars in Bilbao.

We’re sure that everyone’s going to have a bar or two that they think should be added, but we’re also sure that the ten chosen by this British journalist all deserve to be here.

We also enjoy seeing how readers’ comments become just as interesting as the article itself, just like in the San Sebastian article.  There are those who still get pintxos and tapas confused, or those who correct them; those who would add to or subtract from the list; those who share their experiences in Bilbao, some of which are quite surprising (or meaningful…)

The Guardian -18/4/2017 – Gran Bretaña

10 of Bilbao’s best pintxos bars

Bilbainos consider good pintxos a fundamental joy of daily life, and bars dedicated to providing them abound; jocular crowds rather than fancy decor or high prices are the clue to the best. Many also offer a good-value menú del día. The best place to get a flavour of what’s on offer or start a pintxo crawl is Calle Ledesma, in the centre of Bilbao.

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