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The Endless Winter II is a surf series in which British surfer Mark “Egor” Harris travels from Newquay, England, to Taghazout, Morocco, stopping at all the best surfing spots from the ‘60s.

In each episode, he gathers comments and images from those who spent time there 50 years ago, and joins them with images from today.

Two of the episodes were dedicated to the Basque coast.  The first is to Mundaka and its legendary left wave, which brings in surf lovers from around the world.

The seventh episode is dedicated to a wave that we can only talk about as a memory, a phantom wave that back in its day was the wave at La Barre at Anglet.  It was, like the Mundaka left, one of the dreams of surfers from around the world, until the construction of the Boucau dike brought an end to the conditions that made the wave possible at the end of the ‘60s.

We’ll leave you with the link to the webseries and both videos, but not before reminding you all that it’s possible that Ignacio Arana, from Alava, was one of the first surfers in Europe to bring this sport from Hawaii to the Basque Country in the 1910s.

The Endless Winter II –   – Gran Bretaña


The missing wave of Anglet and the dike works that ended it
The missing wave of Anglet and the dike works that ended it

Europe is, and always has been a traveling surfers dream. Diverse coastlines, curious cultures and perfect waves awaited those who first explored the continent for surf and adventure in the 1960s.   

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