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The Guardian is one of those papers we have deep respect and admiration for.  We always think of them, and always do so because that small group of “friendly” newspapers (a list headed by The New York Times and The Guardian) always speak about the Basques with their own criteria, without letting themselves be influenced by messages that are repeatedly being sent out by certain journalistic and institutional sources.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that we always agree with what is written in those papers, but that is not what is most important.  What is is that we are convinced they write with honor and without bowing down to the political objectives that guide other media.

We’re telling you all this because we had a question about this British paper pending since last November.  Unfortunately, we’re not able to process all the interesting information that comes to our desk, and in some cases we can’t include them all, and other times, we need a bit of time to finally share them.

And this is one of those articles that we couldn’t let slip by forever, for several reasons.  On the one hand, because the guide The Guardian used to take this trip through Bilbao is Iván Jiménez, the Managing Director of bizkaia:talent.  We’re sure there are readers who remember the article about his interview with BBC World back in October 2016.

This “guided tour” is interesting, as are the comments, which readers have included after this article, which was published in the Travel section.

The Guardian – 18/11/2016 -Gran Bretaña

We like being special.’ Basque standard-bearer Ivan Jiménez Aira on Bilbao

There are two cathedrals in Bilbao: the Catholic one and San Mamés, the football stadium. Athletic Bilbao signs Basque players only [a unique case in European football]. I don’t like football but I like the club’s values: work with your people, try your best, respect others, be loyal. People say it’s a pity you can’t hire Ronaldo or Messi, but I say, no, it’s a pity for them they can’t join Athletic.

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