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The Melbourne dailies, a few days ago, warned of the arrival of some Basque devils, specialists in seducing people with their skills for playing with fire.  Now, they tell us that the devils have arrived and conquered the city.

Deabru Beltzak at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in England.  Photo: Raphael Helle
Deabru Beltzak at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival in England.  Photo: Raphael Helle

Obviously, this isn’t a bloody invasion, but rather one by Basque theater group Deabru Beltzak, who were invited to open the Melbourne Festival 2016.

We’ve got two articles about this for you today.  First, from the Sydney Morning Herald, penned by Stephanie Bunbury, told of their arrival and introduced this Basque street theater group, which has eeb hypnotizing audiences around the world for ten years.  It’s funny to read statements by Oscar “Garbitxu” Castaño, one of the members of the group, telling some of the anecdotes of things that have happened as they’ve traveled the world.

In the second article, published in The Australian, the author focuses on an analysis of the characteristics of this festival, but also highlights the presence of a Basque group at the festival’s opening.

And we still get surprised by time differences: we’re not used to publishing a blog entry on October 10 about a newspaper article that was published on October 11 (Melbourne time).

Sydney Morning Herald  – 4/10/2016 – Australia

Les Tambours de Feu brings fire and witchcraft from the 17th century to Melbourne’s CBD

Drums thunder as the Napoleonic, white-faced troupe walks six abreast down the street; a figure beneath a frame with rams’ horns cavorts around them. When they stop and form a circle, the soldiers’ costumes erupt with fireworks.

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The Australian – 11/10/2016 – Australia

Melbourne Festival: parade adds Basque flavour to festivities

A devilishly fun street parade on Thursday night marked the start of artistic director Jonathan Holloway’s first Melbourne Festival. A group of Basque street performers called Deabru Beltzak took a crowd of festivalgoers on a ragged march from Federation Square and into the city’s narrow laneways, led by a giant goat’s head — like a horned devil — and accompanied by pounding drums and occasional flares of smoke and fireworks. The scene at times resembled a witches sabbath from a Goya painting.

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