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Yesterday, we were lucky enough to get to spend an amazing day on the small coastal town of Deba.  Those of you who’ve browsed through the photos of another member of this project called About Basque Country might have come across some pictures of another sunset, this one in winter, from this same coastal Guipuzcoan town.  

Many years have passed since we put those up on our blog, and after the wonderful day we had there, we wanted to share some more summertime images of this place that deserves to be visited and enjoyed with our readers.  

We’re sharing the images from both yesterday and from the winter of 2011–that way, you can see how beautiful it is both in summer and winter.

We hope you’ll enjoy them at least half as much as we did taking them on our stroll through Deba.  And if you have the opportunity to take a stroll through its streets and down its beach, don’t miss it–you’ll love it.

Deba. Summer 2016

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Deba. Winter 2011

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