This article was translated by John R. Bopp

Marko and Alex Ayling are two young Californians who have dedicated themselves to telling their experiences as travelers through their videos and blogs.  And they do it very well.  So well that they’re included on the list of the 100 most influential bloggers in the world.

Their YouTube channel, which has more than 122,000 subscribers and almost 8 million views, offers a great deal of interesting corners around the world, among which the Land of the Basques gets a decent mention.

Two years ago, they made their first series of four videos on the Basques.

A year ago, they came back to participate in the Running of the Bulls at Pamplona, with a video that was a true hit, and also to show off the pintxos in San Sebastian.


And this year, they’ve visited us again, and have prepared an extensive series of ten videos that show off interesting corners of the Land of the Basques (well, the Basque Autonomous Community) while explaining some general data to their followers.

The series is made up of a presentation video, 8 themed videos, and a blooper reel.


We really enjoyed watching these videos and we hope that these Californians (a land full of Basques) won’t lose their fondness for the Basque Country.  They still have a lot to tell, not only from south of the Pyrenees, especially Navarre, which is so much more than Pamplona, but also from north of the Pyrenees, which is still terra incognita for them, though they have pedalled through the Pyrenees themselves.

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