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The Swiss daily Le Temps has just published an interesting article by Isabelle Rüf that analyzesBernardo Atxaga’s book “Nevada Days”, which is defined by the journalist as:

“In the deserts of Nevada, stories flow and mix with dreams and memories.  An unclassifiable and stimulating book.”

Isabelle Rüf has taken an interesting journey through the meanings and roots of this book.  Finding the Diaspora; memories of youth; daily life in the American West, a place that is so vastly different to “tamed Europe”; the infinite horizon, the differences in culture and ways of thinking…

The book, translated into French by André Gabastou, and published by Bourgois, offers 472 pages of the best of Atxaga, and allows us, by extension, to get to read beautiful articles like the one given to us by Isabelle Rüf.


Le Temps  – 13/5/2016   – Suiza

A Reno, Bernardo Atxaga retrouve le pays basque de son enfance

Du mois d’août 2007 au mois de juin 2008, Bernardo Atxaga a résidé à Reno avec sa femme et ses deux petites filles. Le livre qui est issu de ce séjour porte le titre plat de Séjour au Nevada. En espagnol, il s’intitule Días de Nevada, ce qui peut se lire «Jours de Nevada» ou «Jours de neige».

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