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One manufacturer of Basque espadrilles in Mauléon has just surprised everyone by presenting a collection of this traditional shoe, so typical of the Basque Country, made of a product that until now we would have thought was impossible for these sandals

We’ve spoken of these very traditional shoes from the Soule region many times.  We even, not too long ago, discussed how the production of this product in the workshops of Mauléon has been classified by the French authorities as a Protected Regional Product.

But, as we were saying, we could never have imagined that we were going to be telling our readers that this latest collection of espadrilles has been made with trout skin!

Jean-Jacque Houyou, the owner of this company that is producing this Don Quichosse footwear, explained how he’s been using salmon skin for some of his products, but that this is the first time that they’ve used trout skin.  They think they’re going to be the first to ever use it!

Green, blue, cherry red, camel, beige, grey, navy blue: each one is going to be unique and different, just like the skin of the trout grown in the waters of the Pyrenees of Lower Navarre by the Goicoechea Banka family.  The trout are raised in the “Truite de Banka fish farm, which is very famous for the quality of its gourmet trout.  Now, they’ll also be known for their quality trout skins.

This is a very interesting project, where this company that handmakes some 20,000 pairs of Basque espadrilles with local labor is going to use a new product, also local, to offer a new line of traditional Basque products with a magnificent image for international markets.

We’ll leave you with the information from the South African media, as well as the information from French network France-3.


News 24 – 26/4/2016 – Sudáfrica

Nothing fishy about trout skin sandals

A French shoe manufacturer is urging fashionistas to take the plunge with what he claims is the world’s first range of trout skin espadrille shoes. Jean-Jacques Houyou has set out to persuade his compatriots that they should be wearing trout rather than merely eating them with a caper and black butter sauce. The stack-heeled women’s sandals in seven colours will go on sale in France this summer, selling for around €120 a pair.

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France-3  – 20/4/2016 – Francia

Chic et original : essayez les espadrilles en truite véritable !

Finies les espadrilles unies ou tissées. Place désormais à la dentelle, aux sequins et même à la peau de poisson ! Un artisan  de Mauléon fabrique ainsi des pièces uniques à partir de peaux de truites séchées et travaillées. Des paires uniques et personnalisées qui demandent deux heures de travail et qui ne seront vendues qu’au Pays Basque.

L’espadrille de Mauléon se diversifie

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