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Sarah Marshall has written an interesting article we have found in the IOL website, which picks up the news published by the South African newspaper chain Independent Newspapers. The aim of the article is to give these newspapers’ readers a glimpse of Donostia.

The truth is that we love how her text begins. Before revealing where she is, before saying anything else, she tells her readers the bewilderment she felt when she had to wait in a queue to be able to taste one of Nestor’s “pintxo de tortilla”. But it seems she doesn’t resent the time she had to wait for it.

Sarah Marshall focuses her report on the field of gastronomy and it’s very clear she has visited this city well enough to avoid mistaking the picture she has chosen to illustrate the article, as we’ve seen in other cases.

t’s worth devoting a moment to the photograph in question (also shown in this post), which, curiously, doesn’t depict any culinary subject, as would seem natural when reading the article. Despite that, the selected picture offers, undoubtedly, a tasty bite of Basque reality” to South African readers.



IOL – 10/3/2016 – Sudáfrica

Take a bite of Basque Country

Booking ahead to reserve a restaurant table is commonplace, but arriving early to secure a slice of tortilla baffles me. Clearly Nestor’s potato-layered snack is the best in town, otherwise my guide, Eskerne Falcon, wouldn’t have us queuing up at midday to order a slice for a strict 1pm time slot.

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