The Ville de Bayonne just launched a website that makes available to all Internet users more than 100,000 documents related to Basque culture.

The service, which is available in Basque and French, is the result of pooling twenty municipal and university libraries, museums and documentation centers, as well as private funds.

In this vast collection we can find old manuscripts, books, music, movies in Basque or on Basque issues, newspaper and magazine articles, files, pictures or any kind of iconography, audio or audiovisual documents; 50,000 of which are in Basque.

Besides the good news involved in the implementation of this “catalogue of Basque culture”, there is also the “wink” that the municipality of Baiona made to all Basques by selecting a “.eus” domain.

This is a big step, but not a final step. Of all the institutions that provide content, only Euskaltzaindia covers all of the Country of the Basques. The rest of the “contributors” are institutions in Iparralde or France.

This could be a great project for the Euroregion Aquitaine-Euskadi: to enhance coordination between the different institutions that are working on these issues on either side of the “muga” (border) with the aim of creating a great neutral point that allows both the joining of the work of all these institutions, as well as the ability of all interested persons to consult these sources within one search.

In the meantime, we know that more than 100,000 diverse documentss, all related to the Basques, are a few “clicks” away.

Great news.

Find below the information appearing on France 3 and the link to

France 3 – 3/5/2015 – Francia

Un portail numérique pour la culture basque

Un portail numérique pour la culture basque, avec plus de 100.000 documents, dont 50.000 en langue basque (euskara), a été mis en ligne, a annoncé la municipalité de Bayonne (Pyrénées-Atlantiques).
Ce portail, baptisé ” Bilketa ” (” cueillette ” en langue basque), est le fruit de la mise en commun de fonds d’une vingtaine de bibliothèques municipales et universitaires, de musées et de centres de documentation, ainsi que de fonds privés précise la ville dans un communiqué.

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Euskal funtsen ataria / Portail des fonds documentaires basques


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