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On May 1, 2015, was the official announcement of the creation of the official fan club of the Athletic Club of Bilbao in the city of New York.

A group of Basques living in the Big Apple have decided to formalize something that had been naturally building over time. As there is still no fixed venue available, they will announce where the meetings are to be held in the future.

Meetings that, by the way, have already had a first step. The Sala One Nine 35W 19th St has been chosen for the place of the first official meeting for the fan club to watch the Atlético Madrid-Athletic de Bilbao match.

Needless to say their activities will be shown in social networks where all interested people may register to join them or follow their activities:



We wish you much success, many partners and many joys

Shield Peña Athletic Club New York
Shield Peña Athletic Club New York

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