A while back, we brought you an article about the color rouge Basque being used in the Northern Basque Country and France.  It got that name thanks to its frequent use as an accent color on windows, doors, and balconies on many Basque homes north of the Pyrenees.

Today, we wanted to share with you that this shade of red is also known in the US and Great Britain with the same name, only translated into English: Basque red.  We came across this “color of our country” when we happened to see an ad in Richmond Drives announcing the “new 2014 Basque Red Pearl II (Red) Honda Accord” for the incredibly low price of just US$25,000, or about €19,700.

As you can see, that is definitely a pearl Basque red.  Why is this color given this name?  We’re not sure if it’s from the Basque red to be found on houses in the Northern Basque Country, or if it’s because it’s a popular color for basques as in lingerie.

But what is clear is that, for one reason or another, that red is much to the liking of American consumers, who find it the height of elegance, and it has its roots in a small part of the world known as the Land of the Basques.

We’ll leave you with the ad, and a link to a .pdf catalog of a British paint house which also defines it as “Basque red”.

Times Dispatch -20/9/2014 -USA

2014 Basque Red Pearl II (Red) Honda Accord

Anuncio de un Honda Civic color "Basque red"
A ‘Basque red’ Honda Accord


Smart System Colour Table (PDF) – Great Britain

Detalle de la tabla de colores de la empresa británica Smart Systems Ltd
Detail of a color chart from the British firm Smart Systems Ltd

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