Yes, that’s how we could define this Basque Yatagan knife, which is the term given this tool by the British website Life Time Gear.  The term Yatagan, as the ever practical Wikipedia tells us, comes from the name of a saber used in the Orient with unique characteristics that were imported by the Crusaders when they were returning home from the Near East.

We didn’t know that there was a model of this knife that is also known and indeed renowned for its quality.  Honestly, we’re not fans of weaponry and we’ve never had to use any, for work or for play.

So that’s why we were surprised to come across these knives that just might have the lauburu engraved on the blade, even though they weren’t made in the Basque Country.  You can see for yourself in this video.

Life Time Gear -17/11/2013 – Great Britain

The Basque Yatagan Knife | PassionFrance®


Last week i went to WOLFGANG c/o PassionFrance with UWE E. MAIER and OLLI THE BARBER to eat one of the best meals i was served this year: a COC AU RIESLING. damn perfect – the chicken were so good. we have had a wonderful evening with a lot of talking, best food and vine. before visiting WOLFGANG i knew that i want to take a BASQUE-YATAGAN KNIFE with me home.

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 Un couteau Yatagan basque en bois de serpent

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