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One of our regular readers has just sent a YouTube video that is a collection of short films showing aspects of daily life in Uruguay at the beginning of the 20th century.  Among those fragments of history is a small short titled Los Emigrantes, fiesta en el Euskal Erria (The Emigrants, Basque Country Festival), showing us a moment of levity in the Basque Community in Montevideo in 1922.

The documentary clocks in at just under ten minutes, and is a must-see, if just to see what things were like in the Roaring ’20s, and not just the big events, but also the day-to-day.

The part about the Basques starts at 1:31, and it’s definitely a minute of glory!

You know, seeing all those people, hearing the txistu and the tabor, it almost makes us want to get up and dance!

Aeroproducer – 5/9/2012 – Uruguay

Uruguay en 1900 / Footage from 1900 (Uruguay)

PS: We love it when you guys send us stuff!  Keep it coming!  It’s a huge help!

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