He paids us a visit in July of 1945, a few days after the fall of Berlin and the end of the European theater of World War Two.  The British Primer Minister decided to enjoy some holiday time with his wife, and they decided to do so at the Basque village of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

He took the trip after the general elections of July 5, 1945, and ended on the 26th of the same month, when the victory of Labour candidate Clement Attlee was made known.  He spent these days of rest at the Château de Bordaberry.  Of this stay, we have at least one photo, some film of his stay in the town (this one and this one), and a painting that shows the house on the shore of the Neville River as it flows through what looks like the town of Askain.

"Villa on the Nivelle" Winston Churchill
“Villa on the Nivelle” Winston Churchill

The painting we’re talking about is Villa on the Nivelle, which is his first work after the end of the Second World War in Europe, and is going to be auctioned at Christie’s of London on May 26, and the expected price is £300,000.  In 2007, a painting of Churchill’s house Chartwell Landscape with Sheep sold for a record £1,000,000.

The Telegraph – 18/4/2011 – Great Britain

Winston Churchill’s first painting after WW2 up for sale

Winston Churchill en el País Vasco al finalizar la segunda guerra mundial

He created Villa on the Nivelle, during a brief pause in British politics; after the general election on July 5, 1945, and before the result was announced on July 26 when he was unexpectedly defeated by Labour. The wartime Prime Minister had taken a short holiday with his wife Clementine to the Basque region of France at the Chateau de Bordaberry, as the guest of Brigadier-General Brutinel.

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