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The anticolonialism of Sabino Arana, the founder of Basque nationalism (video)

Sabino Arana en la prisión de Larrinaga (1895)
Historians Jean-Claude Larronde and Luis de Guezala explain to us Sabino de Arana's strong feelings against colonialism

The Independence of Peru: Thoughts, valid for all democracies, on its...

Desembarco de José de San Martin, Libertador del Perú, en Paracas
Josu Legarreta shares his thoughts on the causes of the birth of the New World republics and the dangers they face in the 21st century

Aberri Eguna 2021. Building a nation with the support of the...

ikurriña Aberri Eguna 2021 facebook
A global Aberri Eguna that seeks to create collaborative networks among the Basques of the world, and the manifesto of the Limako Arantzazu Euzko Etxea

Víctor Zuluaga Gómez on the Nobility of the Basques: Better to...

Cartago Colombia
On our daily search for articles related to anything and everything Basque, we recently came across a Colombian publication, EJE 21, which has an opinion...

An “American Jacobin” has discovered the “Aguirre doctrine” and its dangers

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, and American in Paris, has published an article about Europe, the nation-state, and the stateless European nations in "The Week"

The Pioneers of the “Basque Renaissance” in the Northern Basque Country

Detalle del cartel anunciador de las Fiestas Vascas celebradas el Saint Jean de Luz en agosto de 1892. Es la primera representación gráfica con los escudos de todas las provincias de Euskal Herria
This article was translated by John R. Bopp We'd like to break our rule about referring to Basque media today, because we want to discuss a...