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The role of the Basques in the US War of Independence

Rendición de las tropas británicas en la batalla de Yorktown, que significó el final de la Guerra de Independencia de los USA (John Trumbull, 1840)
The Basque contribution to the American patriots in the US War of Independence could be considered decisive. Dr. Robert P. Clark tells us all about it

The Fourth of July: The 245th Anniversary of the US Declaration...

John Adams
For this year's celebration of Independence Day in the US, we recall the connection of John Adams, Founding Father and 2nd President, with the Basques

John Adams and the eventful journeys of two US presidents through...

A few days ago, we discussed an article Vince J. Jauristi, a Basque descendent born in Elko, Nevada, published in the Elko Daily about...