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Is Basque culture disappearing in Idaho?

Since 1958, Basques in Minidoka County have put on a big community dinner, bringing immigrants and Mini-Cassia locals together for meals of lamb. Most of the original cooks are gone, but their children continue the tradition. Here, people dine at the 58th Annual Basque Dinner Festival March 19 in Rupert. Stephen Reiss The Times-News
This article was translated by John R. Bopp One of the newspapers that most discusses Basques in the US is the Idaho Statesman, which we’ve cited...

Who the peninsular Basques are: the teachings of History (from Peru)

Fragment of the map by Willem Blaeu. "Regnorum Hispanae nova descriptio." From Nouvel Atlas. Amsterdam: Willem & Joan Blaeu, 1643-50. 14 3/4 x 19 1/4. Engraving
This article was translated by Joseba Varela In this day and age, certain voices are casting doubt on which territories actually conform the Basque homeland in...

Basque identity – French identity

An article in a blog in 'Libération' clearly shows what the 21st century French centralists thing of Basque culture