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183th anniversary of the beginning of the end of the ‘fueros’...

El «Abrazo de Vergara» fue la venta de los Fueros vascos a sus enemigos, a cambio de sueldos y rangos para los militares carlistas que acordaron esa traición
October 25, 2022 marks the 183rd anniversary of the beginning of the process to destroy the Basque 'fueros' in the Southern Basque Country

The Basques before the independence of the Viceroyalty of New Granada...

Batalla de Boyacá. Óleo de Martín Tovar y Tovar, París, 1880.
Basque-Colombian John Alejandro Ricaurte presents us with the Basques' contribution to the independence process of New Granada.

Basques and the Independence of Chile: History intertwines, by Pedro Oyanguren

Primera Junta del Gobierno de Chile (1810)
An article and two books led by Basque-Chilean Pedro Oyanguren as a part of our series on the independence of the New World Republics tell us all about Chile

Three Basque migrations to Venezuela over 500 years of history

Xabier Amézaga, son of Basque intellectual Vicente Amézaga and compiler of the latter's works, writes for us on the mark the Basques left on Venezuela as part of the series on the bicentennial of the independence of the New World republics

The role of the Basques in the US War of Independence

Rendición de las tropas británicas en la batalla de Yorktown, que significó el final de la Guerra de Independencia de los USA (John Trumbull, 1840)
The Basque contribution to the American patriots in the US War of Independence could be considered decisive. Dr. Robert P. Clark tells us all about it

On April 14, we pay homage to the Spanish Republic, and...

La Republica vasca ANTONIO DE GUEZALA, 1931.
Today, April 14, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the proclamation of the Spanish Republic, which reminds us Basques that we still don't have a republic of our own

Víctor Zuluaga Gómez on the Nobility of the Basques: Better to...

Cartago Colombia
On our daily search for articles related to anything and everything Basque, we recently came across a Colombian publication, EJE 21, which has an opinion...

John Adams and the eventful journeys of two US presidents through...

A few days ago, we discussed an article Vince J. Jauristi, a Basque descendent born in Elko, Nevada, published in the Elko Daily about...

Víctor Hugo’s on-the-mark thoughts on the Basques

Víctor Hugo, the man of letters, intellectual, and statesman) was an extraordinary man who lived in an extraordinary time.  While firmly consistent in his...