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The ‘New York Post’ publishes an article about the “Basque” cookery...

Juego de cocina [BASQUE]
The 'New York Post' has reported on a set of cast-iron pots and pans being sold under the brand name "Basque."

Saveur: a dozen dishes from the Pyrenees (that is, Basque), and...

Pollo estofado vasco con pimientos (Fotografía Beth Galton)
Two magnificent articles on the website of the American magazine 'Saveur' about Basque cuisine, written for those not in the know

Getaria is the ideal place for grilled fish lovers

Grilled turbot at Elkano Rafael Tonon
The culinary website Eater, based in the US, had an incredible 21 million views last month, making it one of the 4,000 most visited websites...