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Basque culture in the US as told on the American Airlines...

Dantzaris vascos en Boise Alefort_credit: Aaron Rodriguez
The American Airlines travel website has shared an article about the Basques in Boise and their ability to preserve their roots with their homeland

Basque boarding houses in the US: A chapter in Basque history...

Cena en el Centro Basco de Chino (California) (AL KAMALIZAD: FOR LAIST)
The Laist website is sharing with us a magnificent chornicle about the end of a fundamental part of the history of the Basques in the US: Basque hotels

Pulitzer Center: The Basques in the US: a community fighting for...

The Basque Center, en el Basque Block de Boise.  Image  Boise Basque Museum and Cultural Center
The Pulitzer Center website has just published a magnificent article about the Basques in the US, analyzing the challenges our whole diaspora faces

The most famous “anonymous Basque” in the world is now identified…and...

Lunch atop a Skyscraper , de Charles C. Ebbets
The story of a Basque who was one of the protagonists of one of the most widely shared and famous photos in history

Basque trade with the United States during the 18th century: a...

Desembarco de tropas británicas en Boston (1768), grabado de Paul Revere. Dominio público
A UPV project studies the trade and diplomatic relationships forged between the Basque Country and the United States in the 18th century

A documentary about the Basques in Bakersfield presented by The Smithsonian

Festival de Cine Lengua Materna THE EIGHTH PROVINCE
The Mother Tongue Film Festival, put on by The Smithsonian, is showing a documentary about the Basques in Bakersfield

A mystery novel about the arborglyphs in Idaho

Bryce Ternet has long enjoyed the Valley landscape. Now he’s written a mystery novel about it. Photo credit- Bryce Ternet
A book just published in Idaho bases its plot on the arborglyphs left behind by the Basque shepherds in the poplar trees

Jaialdi 2020 isn’t Jaialdi 2021 anymore; now it’s Jaialdi 2022. ...

Jaialdi 2022
The poor evolution of the covid-19 pandemic has forced the organizers of the Jaialdi to push back this incredible global Basque Diaspora reunion to July of 2022

A statement from the Lima Basque Center against the storming of...

Declaracion de Lima Basque Center ante el ataque al Capitolio
The Brotherhood and Basque Center of Our Lady of Aranzazu have issued a statement condeming the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington

The accordion is strengthening the Basque community in Idaho, helping to...

Ansotegui’s band, Amuma Says No, performed at the Idaho Botanical Gardens in August.
Boise State Public Radio (part of the NPR network) has published an article by Arlie Sommer discussing the power of music and dance as integrating...