The North American Basque Organizations (NABO) was started in 1973 with the goal of joining together all the Basque centers in the United States and Canada in order to help the organizations that make them up to provide mutual assistance and aid in order to serve one goal: perpetuating Basqueness (Basque culture and identity).

The “Basque clubs” of North American are hugely active, and usually have their greatest reach via the large number of “Basque festivals” that are organized every summer, which we’ve talked about on many occasions.  Plus, every four years, there’s a huge get-together in Boise, the Jaialdi, which, along with the National Basque Week of Argentina, are the two largest events put together by the Basque community outside the homeland.

Unfortunately, this year’s events have had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  But that doesn’t mean these Basque centers’ activities have flagged.  Indeed, this has provided an opportunity to discover and consolidate new channels that will be of great help in the future, since they’re going to supplement the traditional ways the Euskal Etxeak have always worked.

On this occasion, we wanted to highlight the great work the North American Basque Organizations federations has been doing.  The Musical Program director, Wyoming-born Mikaela Goicoechea took office when it was created in February 2020.  Now, she’s sharing all the resources she’s put together on the Music section of the institution’s website.

Of course, whenever we talk about Wyoming, we can’t help but also mention that one of its counties, Johnson County, chose the Ikurriña as the base for its flag.

But back to the music.  We discovered this compilation thanks to a video Mikaela herself recorded, which we came across on the New England Basque Club Facebook page.  This is yet another US Basque center we’ve spoken about on many occasions.

Lists of Basque music on Spotify, sheet music, information about the instruments used in traditional Basque music, resources on the txistualbokas made in Nevada, and many other interesting things for fans of Basque music.

We’re sure these resources will not only continue expanding in number, but will also be of huge help to Basque centers worldwide.  It certainly helps that we live in a time when sharing information is very simple.  That’s why contributing, adding, sharing, collaborating, and taking part in auzolanak is not just an option, but rather an opportunity, and, we believe, really an obligation.

That is, at least, if we want to do our part to guarantee the North American Basque Organizations federation’s goal of perpetuating “Basqueness” (Basque culture and identity) in the world.

Bravo! for the initiative and Eskerrik asko! for all the hard work

Nabasque –  – USA

Music. Resources for Musicians

Need the music for a dance? NABO has compiled the recorded and sheet music for a good many Basque dances. If there is something specific you are looking for, contact NABO at [email protected] to see if we can assist your group.

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NABO Music en Spotify

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