Having to stay at home these days because of COVID-19 has given us some time to draw up a list of Basque museums that in some cases allow you to take a virtual tour of part of their collection, or to prepare for future visits once they get to open back up.

Because our country offers many places that allow us to get to know our history from many different points of view, it’s definitely worth the time to get to know them, not least because that’s where our history is collected and displayed, and we can’t forget who we are and where we come from.

Given the heterogeneous nature of these museums, it’s impossible to given them any sort of thematic order, so we’ve grouped them by territory using the information the institutions themselves offer.  Then we’ve filled in some information about other museums that aren’t on those lists, and even included to aquaria that can be found on the Basque Coast.

We decided we needed to bring you this compilation after seeing how the Communauté Pays Basque, which encompasses the Northern Basque Country, published an entry on their website listing the museums on that side of the Pyrenees.  It’s a great idea we’re trying to complement.  One thing we love is how the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian is included.

We’re sure we somehow missed a few (or many) and didn’t put them on the list.  Please let us know so we can add them; all we need is for them to have a website.


Museums listed on the Álava Government website (Automatic translation)

Artium, Basque Contemporary Arts Center and Museum (Vitoria)


Museums listed on the Biscay Government website

Fine Arts Museum of Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Basque Museum of Bilbao (Automatic translation)

Mining Museum of the Basque Country (Automatic translation)

Iron Ring Memorial Museum (Automatic translation)


Museums listed on the Gipuzkoa Government website (Automatic translation)

Aquarium of San Sebastian

Northern Basque Country

Museos listed on the Basque Community Government website (French) (Automatic translation)

Aquarium de Biarritz

Château D’Abbadie


Museums listed on the Navarre Government website



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